Born in Kobe, Japan, grew up in Tokyo 

Came to United States in 1962

Became a United States Citizen in 2004

Education: BA Sculpture: Tsukuba University/Tokyo University of Education, Tokyo, Japan

Artist Designer: 1959 - 62 for Kagami Crystal Glass Co.Ltd. Tokyo, Japan

Forthcoming Exhibition

2019 “Identity + Intersection; Invitational International Art Exhibition”, BrownGrotta Arts: Wilton, CT

Solo Shows

2018 “Permutation”: Garvey Simon Gallery, Chelsea, New York, NY

2017 “Flow of Life/Nagare: Installation Work”, Ruth S. Harley University Center of Adelphi University, GardenCity, NY

2014 “Quiet Room”: Karina Kottova curator, Kotska Gallery, MeetFactory, Prague, CZ

2012 “Beyond Lines & Beyond Surface”, Kentler International Drawing Space, Brooklyn, NY

2012 “Summer Passage” , Kobalt Gallery, Provincetown, MA

2011 “Tamiko Kawata at 2011”, Muriel Guepin Gallery, Brooklyn, NY.

2002 “Safety Pin Series: Recent & Collected Works”: Disjecta Gallery, Portland, OR

2001 “Passing Life –Four Waterfalls”, Site-specific installation works based on survey on
           accumulation of toilet paper, The New York Times Art & Leisure Section &
           Nagare Pantyhose, Florence Lynch Gallery, NY, NY.

1999 “Transformations” for outdoor sculpture installations for the Garden and 33
           sculptures for the gallery space, LongHouse Reserve, East Hampton, NY.

1998 “Rain Forest- I”, Vibrant Gallery, Soho, New York

1991 “Tamiko Kawata Recent Works”, Matsuya Gallery, Tokyo, Japan


2016 - 2018 “Biennial 2016-2018:Outdoor Sculpture Show: Grove/Adelphi”, Adelphi University, Garden City, NY

2017 “In Shape”, Kimmel Gallery, New York University, New York, NY

2017 “Still Crazy After These years…30 Years in Art”, BrownGrotta Fine Arts, Wilton CT

2017 "Post-Romance: Artists' Valentines", Renaissance Centre, Erie, Pennsylvania

2016 Seven Artists Exhibition: “Altered States”, Hewitt Gallery of Arts, Marymount
         Manhattan College, New York, NY

2016 “New Ways of Seeing: Cultural Hybridity and Aesthetic Liberty”,
           Curator Eileen Jeng, Dorfsky Gallery, New York, NY

2016 “Musing Metallic: Group Show”, Curator Gallery, curator: Elizabeth Garvey, New York, NY

2015 “American Academy for Arts & Letters: Invitational Exhibition for Paintings
           and Sculptures 2015”, American Academy for Arts and Letters, New York, NY

2014 “Grids”, Garvey Simon Arts, New York, NY

2014 “Bricolage: Artists who Tinker, Play, Innovate”: Patricia Miranda curator,
           Rockland Center for the Arts, West Nyack, NY

2014 ”Interpreting Pins & Needles”, Suzan Shutan curator, Housatonic Museum of Art, Bridgeport, CT

2014 “Group Show”, Cheryl Hazan Gallery, New York, NY

2013 “CurateNYC”, Rush Arts Gallery, New York, NY

2013 “CurateNYC”, curator: Mahnaz Fancy for ArteEast, Brooklyn, NY

2013 “Seven Selected Artists from EFA Studio Center/Curator program of Fulbright
           Scholar by Fulbright Scholar, Karina Kottova from Prague, CZ”,
           Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts, New York, NY

2013 Three Artist: “aligned”, dm contemporary, New York, NY

2012 “Japanese Contemporary Paper Art”, Art Center ALTERA/Amateras,
           Daniela Todorova, Curator. by Embassy of Japan, Sofia, Bulgaria

2012 “Transcendental Vision/Japanese Culture and Contemporary Art”, Inaugurating
           The Independent Culture Center, curated by Anton Gallery
           Sponsored byCeladon Inc., Sand City/Monterey, C

2011 “CurateNYC”, on line exhibition curated by Laurie Ann Farrell, Curator & Executive
           Director of Exhibitions, Savannah College of Art and Design. Savannah, GA
         “CurateNYC”, on line exhibition curated by Lowery Stokes Sims, Curator,
           The Museum of Arts and Design, NY, NY
         “CurateNYC”, on line exhibition, curated by Kevin Stayton, Chief Curator, The
           Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn, NY
         “CurateNYC”, Like The Spice Gallery, Brooklyn, NY.

2011 “Environmental Concerns: Earth Matters: Five Artists”, Installation of Newsday
           Fall and Sea Urchins, Heckscher Museum of Art, Huntington, NY

2010 “Open Mind of Lafcadio Hearn: Anniversary Exhibition”, Yakumo Museum, Matsue, Japan

           and DESIGN”, an opening exhibition at Columbus Circle location: curated by
           David McFadden, Museum of Arts & Design, New York, NY

2008 “Make the Most of It: Eight Artists”, Secret Ederer/Devourer Installation and
           Rubber Band Works, curated by Karen Shaw, Islip Art Museum, East Islip, NY

2006 “Site Specific 2006/ Bathroom Installation”, curated by Karen Shaw, Carriage House,

           Islip Art Museum, East Islip, NY

2005 “American Academy Invitational Exhibition of Painting and Sculpture”,
           Installation: Rain Forest, American Academy of Arts and Letters, NY, NY

2004 “Reduce/Reuse/Re-examine”, curated by Jennifer McGregor, Installation
           Arch/Toward Light, Glyndor Gallery, Wave Hill, Bronx, NY

2004 “Mercurial: Tamiko Kawata, Gloria Kirsch, Daniel Rothbart”, Large Pueblo and Rain
           Drop, curated by Yuko Niii, Williamsburg Art & Historical Center, Brooklyn, NY

2001 “Skein: Five Artists”, curated by Darcy Edger, Contemporary Craft Gallery, Portland, OR

2001 “Site Specific 2001/ Installation:Wavelets”, Carriage House, Islip Art Museum, East Islip, NY

2001 “Three Artists/2001-NYFA Fellow Exhibition”, Troy Art Community Center,
           NYFA Community Work, Troy, NY

2000-2001 “Nature of Fiber/August Grove for Four Seasons”, outdoor Installation,
           Stone Quarry Hill Art Park, curated by Nell Znamieroki, Cazenovia, NY

2000 “Elements 2000,” curated by Deborah Sperber, Jane Ingram Allen, Snug Cultural Center, Staten Island, NY

2000 “Contemporary Arts of New York State,” New York State Museum, Albany, NY

1998 “Staten Island Biennial Exhibition/Three Sculptures”, Staten Island Institute of Arts & Science Museum, SI, NY.

1991 “Three Artists”, Rochester University Museum, University of Rochester, NY

1986 “Fiber R/Evolution - Two Years Traveling Exhibition”, curated by Jane Jacob,
           University Art Museum, The University of Wisconsin/Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI

1979 “ Works of Women”, curated by UNESCO Art Committee, Paris, France

1978 “Small Works”, curated by Jack Lenor Larsen, British Craft Centre, London, England


2015 American Academy for Arts and Letters: 2015 Purchase Award

2014 Foundation for Contemporary Arts, Emergency grant to support “Quiet Room” Exhibition , New York, NY

2012 Williamsburg Art & Historical Center, Brooklyn, NY: Purchase Award from Harvest Exhibition

2006 Pollock/Krasner Foundation Grant

2005 New York Foundation for the Arts 2005 Grant for Gregory Millard Fellow

2004 Series Project for Screen Printmaking: Austin, TX die

2002 McDowell Art Colony Residency, NH

2001 New York Foundation for the Arts

2001 Yaddo Art Colony: Louise Bourgeois Residency Award for a Sculptor

2000 CANYS Grant for New Project: (Craft Alliance of New York State)
         Blue Mountain Center for the Arts Residency Award, NY

1999 Edward Albee Art Center Residency Award, Montauk, NY

1998 Ruth Chenven Foundation Grant for New Project

1997 The Millay Colony for the Arts Residency Award, Peterborough, NH

1997 ESCA Grant for New Project: Empire State Craft Alliance of New York State

1991 ESCA Grant for New Project: Empire State Craft Alliance of New York State


2016 Honolulu Contemporary Art Museum, Honolulu, Hawaii

2013 Racine Art Museum, Racine, WI

         Williamsburg Art & Historical Center, Brooklyn, NY
         PREC Institute, Tokyo, Japan

2012 Ishiguro Art Collection: Tokyo, Japan

2011 LongHouse Reserve, East Hampton, NY

2010 Ishiguro Art Collection, Tokyo, Japan

2010 Lafcadio Hearn/Yakumo Koizumi Art Museum, Matsue, Japan

2009 Racine Art Museum, Racine, WI

2008 Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, Montreal, Canada
         Williamsburg Art and Historical Center, Brooklyn, NY

2007 Philip & Shelley Aarons Art Collection, LI, NY
         DM Contemporary Art Gallery for Permanent Collection, LI, NY

2006 Museum for Arts & Design/MAD Museum, NY, NY

2004 Jack Lenor Larsen Private Collection, New York, NY.

2002 Yusuke Aida Collection, Tokyo, Japan

1999 LongHouse Reserve Permanent Collection, East Hampton, NY
         Lloyd Catsen Collection, San Francisco, CA
         Jack Lenor Larsen Collection, New York, NY

1991 Yusuke Aida Collection, Tokyo, Japan

1986 Davis Brody & Bond Architects, New York, NY

1982 PREC Institute, Tokyo, Japan

1978 Buenno Premesela Art Collection, Amsterdam, Holland
         Catalog/Publication: After 2000

2016 Review: HYPERALLERGIC: Seph Rodney

2016 Review: YomiTime by Manami Fujimori

2012 Inclusion of “Newsday Fall” works in publication of “To Life: ECO ART in pursuit of
         Sustainable planet”, by Andrew Brown, Hudson and Thames publisher

2012 Book: 500 Paper Projects 2012: curated by Gene McHugh, New York, NY

2011 Catalog: Tamiko Kawata ”Beyond Lines/Beyond Surface”, Kentler International
         Drawing Space, Brooklyn, NY

2011 Catalog: “Japanese Contemporary Paper Art”, Art Center ALTERA, Daniela
         Todorova Curator, sponsored by Embassy of Japan, Sofia, Bulgaria

2011 Catalog: ”Transcendental Vision”, Anton Gallery/Celadon Inc, Monterey, CA

2008 “Office Space”, New Art Center, Elizabeth Duffy curator, Newtonville, MA

2008 Catalog: Second Lives: REMIXING THE ORDINARY to INAUGURATE Museum of
         ARTS & DESIGN”, an opening exhibition at Columbus Circle location: curated by David
         McFadden, Museum of Arts & Design, New York, NY

2006 Site Specific 2006: Karen Shaw curator for Islip Museum: Carriage House, East Islip, NY

2002 Catalog: Contemporary Skeins: curated by Heather W. Rogers, Contemporary Crafts Gallery, Portland OR

2001 Catalog: Site Specific '01: curated by Catherine Valenza, Carriage House/Islip Art Museum, East Islip NY

2000 Catalog: Fifteen Asian American Artists: Curated by Rhonda Cooper Director,
         University Art Gallery/Staller Center Stony Brook SUNY, Stony Brook NY

2000 Catalog: As If Alive: Animate Sculpture, curated by Sara Henry Corrington:
         Professor Drew University, NJ

2000 Catalog: “Nature of Fiber” curated by Nell Znamieroki, Stone Quarry Hill Art Center